Epigamia: Early Product
Sula Vineyards: Early Days
Sula Vineyards: Early Days

India & Southeast Asia’s first
consumer-focused venture capital fund

We started in 2012 with our eyes set on consumer brands because we believe that they need a differentiated approach to investing and business building. The need was patient capital with a strong focus on brand and business fundamentals.

Combining approaches:

Venture Capital

  • Art of The Possible
  • Founder-first Approach
  • First Principles Thinking
  • Long-term Focus

Private Equity

  • Fundamentals Focus
  • Calibrated Growth
  • Capital Efficiency

We became the first venture capital firm to have ‘consumer’ in our name. Over the past 10+ years, we have proudly partnered and backed 80+ brands.  We are excited to partner with world-class founders and help grow the Asian consumer ecosystem by leveraging our experience, knowledge and network. 

“When I started travelling to India regularly in 2000, many institutional VCs were looking at the tech space. It was competitive and crowded. At this time, I also met entrepreneurs building more traditional consumer brands but they were clearly underserved. Banks didn't lend to startups, private equity invested in larger businesses and VCs were focused on technology. Meanwhile, as per capita GDP grew, it was clear that the Indian consumer would have more to spend on discretionary items.

In 2004, I made the initial investment in Sula Vineyards from the first fund I founded. I have focused on consumer brands ever since. DSGCP was set up in 2012 to build an institutional platform focused only on this one theme, partnering with founders of brands built for the next generation consumers in India and Southeast Asia. Data and research helps us understand themes and trends that will drive consumer behaviour in the long term.”

Deepak I. Shahdadpuri
Managing Director
Our Track Record
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Early-stage Investments
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What We Do

Day 1 Partners

We prefer to be the first institutional partner investing up to $5M. No stage is too early for us, we often back founders pre-incorporation

Themes, Not Categories

We back brands playing on long-term consumer themes even if today’s TAM might seem small.

Looking & Feeling Good
Looking & Feeling Good
Healthy Living
Healthy Living
Aspiration & Luxury
Aspiration & Luxury
Evolution of the Family & Home
Evolution of the Family & Home
Unorganized to Organized
Unorganized to Organized
Plant Based Consumerism
Plant Based Consumerism

Building Brands Brick By Brick

First Principles Thinking

There is no cookie-cutter approach. We build our playbook brand by brand.


We think and act long-term to build enduring brands.

Focus on Fundamentals

A strong brand and a solid business are the foundation we build on.

Capital Efficiency

Brands can be scaled without raising a lot of capital.

What We Believe IN

Insurgent brands should be built sustainably

  • We have a positive sum view of the world.
  • Relationships are as important as returns.
  • We do our best to drive every investment to a meaningful outcome for the founder.
  • We prioritise creating a win-win for the company, our founders, and the fund.
  • We back brands that make an impact on the lives of customers and the planet.
  • We strive to be learning machines.
  • We are unafraid to be alone.
  • We invest in themes, not categories.
Our Value Add

Partners through thick and thin

We are not just everyday investors. We roll up our sleeves as partners, builders, enablers, and even that 1 am SOS call for our founders. Our offering isn’t capital, that is just the starting point.

A team that is obsessed with building world-class insurgent brands 

Access to the a global consumer ecosystem – DSGCP’s network of founders, advisors and partners

Support in achieving product-market fit through strategic guidance, country and industry expertise

Expert guidance in the art of branding, consumer insights and marketing

Big (and small) support across strategy, operations, talent and organization, cash flow management, and driving capital efficiency