Game Changers 2024: The Value Creation Playbook

In collaboration with Bain & Company, we analyze consumer exits in the past 15 years, launch insurgex, and identify emerging mega trends in the food and beverage sector.

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Bold Moves: Leading Southeast Asia's Next Wave of Consumer Growth

A thought leadership report about keeping in tune with the Southeast Asian consumers of tomorrow. In partnership with Meta and Bain & Company, we uncover 7 consumer trends that will present significant opportunities for founders and business leaders looking to ride the next wave of consumer growth.

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Game Changers: The Insurgent Consumer Brands Playbook

India’s emerging consumers—both Gen Z and millennials demand more, better, and faster. To serve their needs, a new breed of consumer brands has emerged.

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Hear from the brightest minds across the world about the power of building insurgent consumer brands, brick by brick.

Why We Partnered With…

Our point of view on specific sectors and themes and why we believe our insurgent brands are best placed to win.

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