Deepak Shahdadpuri

Deepak Shahdadpuri

Managing Director & Founder

Despite being a VC investor, Deepak is first and foremost an entrepreneur. In typical founder spirit, Deepak was one of the pioneers who recognized the vast potential within the consumer sector.  And to walk the talk, Deepak didn’t hesitate to put skin in the game – quite literally. Bootstrapping, as it is more commonly known, he took the audacious step of putting his home on the line to demonstrate his commitment to his inaugural fund. This catalyzed and fueled the founding of DSG Consumer Partners in 2012.

Deepak’s investment philosophy stems from his belief in the power of partnership. At DSGCP, he doesn’t just invest in companies; he nurtures them as a mentor, coach, and ultimately a champion for the founders he believes in. Where does he get his inspiration you wonder – his three children, who help him envision what new age consumers could be.

Before DSGCP, Deepak co-founded and managed the Beacon India Private Equity Fund. Prior to that, Deepak held roles at GEM India, Reuters Venture Capital, Bain & Company and Ernst & Young.

Outside of work, Deepak is a diehard Chelsea fan, a food and wine enthusiast, a busy, dedicated father, a lover of trance music, and an avid traveler.  

And for those still wondering what DSG stands for – Deepak is also a romantic. DSG is a testament to the partnership between Deepak and his wife, Sona, representing Deepak Sona Growth.

Brands I can’t live without

Amazon is my everthing shop

Chope & Eazydiner because how else will I book a restaurant!

Veeba for making everthing taste amazing

My all-time favorite book

Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Outside of work, I enjoy

Travel, Skiing, Outdoor Activities, Wine, Food, Live Music and Sports (go Chelsea!).