Anthony Adiputra

Anthony Adiputra


The "Ant" in his name is what he goes and lives by - to go everywhere, try everything and do it together with friends. As a consumer investor at DSGCP, Anthony believes there’s no better philosophy. Inspired by a decade of binge watching YouTube reruns of Shark Tank, he finds joy in working with founders building brands people love.

Anthony holds a Political Science B.A. from New York University, and while he does not come from a traditional finance background, being a venture capitalist was always the dream. He’s immersed himself through various experiences across startups, accelerators and investment firms. Before joining DSGCP, he was part of the venture arm of Indonesia’s leading private bank, Bank Central Asia, under the country’s largest conglomerate, Djarum Group.

In the office, Anthony's donning the glasses, chewing the gummies, and occasionally testing out the lipstick. Outside, you’ll likely find him strolling in the park or cracking cold ones with his mates. He’s kept almost every legal animal in Singapore and can bore you to tears with historical factoids. His favorite things include his fiancée and dogs in no particular order.

Brands I can’t live without

McDonald's: A happy meal for a happy me

Marlboro: Objectively bad, subjectively fantastic

Uniqlo: One always needs pants and shirts

My all-time favorite book

12 Rules For Life by Jordan Peterson

Outside of work, I enjoy

My Dogs and All Other Animals. Cold Beer and Neat whisky. Running or Walking in the Great Outdoors.