Anqi (Angela) Hu

Anqi (Angela) Hu


Born into an entrepreneurial family, Angela's insatiable curiosity about consumer brands sparked from the beginning. Her professional journey commenced at Goldman Sachs, where she played an instrumental role in supporting leading Chinese TMT and consumer companies during their public debut and stragtic projects. Later, at Genki Forest, she contributed to the brand's expansion across SEA, US, and Japan.

Today, with DSGCP, Angela collaborates closely with founders, channeling her passion into investing and crafting impactful brands in the Southeast Asia region. Her enthusiasm finds its pinnacle in brands that carry a resounding purpose, ones that effortlessly break the mold and redefine their respective categories.

Beyond boardrooms, Angela's spirit thrives in exploration – from trekking into uncharted realms to savoring the joys of gastronomy. A staunch supporter of women's empowerment, Angela embraces opportunities to uplift and amplify the voices of female entrepreneurs and leaders.

Angela holds a BS Honours degree from Indiana University's Kelley School of Business, graduating with triple majors in Finance, Real Estate, and International Business.

Brands I can’t live without

Lululemon is my daily armor – for both conquering meetings and perfecting my warrior pose.

ChatGPT as my word wizard. It turns my ideas into written spells, saving this non-native English speaker big time.

Le Labo because scents don't just smell, they spin tales. Their products, from soap to perfume, are my secret getaway from meeting marathons.

My all-time favorite book

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant by Eric Jorgenson

Outside of work, I enjoy

Body Combat, EDM Rave, Trekking, Cross Country Cycling, Traveling (Soon to mark my 70th country!)