Jun Wong

Jun Wong

Executive Assistant

Jun is a dedicated person who is always looking for new challenges. A strong ethic and am very motivated towards what she does.

Enjoys working with others and am always happy to help working closelybetween DSG and Everstone. Fast learner and always want to learn new things. Always thriving a balance in everything i do.

Loves a good meal end of the day with friends or colleagues and definitely accompanied with a glass of wine or gin.

Jun holds a Diploma in Computer Studies and  “I am definitely not perfect, but I am always myself.”

Brands I can’t live without

Spotify: Music to my ears

Netflix: Having Cheetos and Chill

Apple: my digital world

Google: My Encyclopedia

Google Map: because I am an explorer

My all-time favorite book

The Art of Happines by The Dalai Lama

Outside of work, I enjoy

Travelling, Retail Therapy, Cycling, Cruising Out Sea

Authored Articles

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