Pooja Shirali

Pooja Shirali

Vice President

Pooja’s passion for consumer brands can be traced back to her childhood– she enjoyed window shopping at the grocery stores and paid close attention to new brands and products on shelf. As a consumer investor, she brings the same curiosity to identify consumer need gaps, changing purchase behaviour, and the potential market opportunity. Her sourcing philosophy is shaped by her thesis led approach and relationship first mindset in determining the right founder to partner with.

Pooja believes that value creation takes a lot of time and effort and as investors, we can’t simply observe from the sidelines. She’s happiest when she’s working with founders to spot patterns, pre-empt problems, and find the best solutions.

Born into a family of debt investors, she's a chartered accountant who stumbled into venture capital as an intern. Pooja joined DSGCP as an analyst and has since grown with the fund and our portfolio companies. Her super power lies at the intersection of her perseverance, willingness to go the extra mile, and empathy for her founders and team.

When she’s not working, she enjoys exploring new restaurants, dirty martinis, karaoke nights, and travelling (the less-trodden path).

Brands I can’t live without

Apple for being my extended body part

BlissClub because, comfort >>> all

Google since it's a life skill and a life saver

My all-time favorite book

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

Outside of work, I enjoy

Travel (the Less Trodden Path), Karaoke, Lots of Wine (and Dine)