Anushka Bharvani

Anushka Bharvani

Vice President
Brand, Marketing & Consumer Insights

Anushka’s journey is a tale of leaping from board rooms to dance floors.  Defying convention, she achieved dual degrees in Business and Dance, and forged a career in Brand & Marketing, blending art with science, creativity with logic.  

Prior to DSGCP, Anushka spent a decade at Unilever propelling beauty, personal care and supplement brands into the global consumer stage. Her secret sauce? Deep diving into consumer insights and using them as a springboard for creativity.  Picture her choreographing go-to-market strategies, buzzy campaigns and trendy innovations, all in the name of crafting purposeful, well-loved consumer brands.  This, in essence, is what she brings to DSGCP’s portfolio companies.  

Outside work, Anushka is mom to a two-year-old champ with another little one on the express train.  And when she manages to carve out some ‘me’ time,'  you’ll spot her at F45, unwinding through yoga, or embracing a glass of wine like a well-deserved triumph.

Brands I can’t live without

Spotify because my life needs a soundtrack

Lululemon because all pants should feel buttery-soft

Nike for its fearless marketing

My all-time favorite book

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

Outside of work, I enjoy

Contemporary Dance, Yoga, Tennis & DJ-ing, Travel