Leong Hein Hun

Leong Hein Hun

Vice President

Hun believes that the simplest things make the best investments. With a degree in Accountancy and Finance, Hun blends financial prowess with a zest for life.

Prior to DSGCP, Hun forged a career across financial services and M&A consulting involving sectors like real estate, consumer, education, and pharma among others. Despite experiences in a wide array of industries, Hun found his passion in consumer investing. Like a financial dietitian, Hun keeps the portfolio fit and lean, managing excess fats and ensuring they have the right nutrients to be in their best shape for growth.

Beyond being a “dietitian”, Hun spends his time trying to keep up with his two-year-old boy (with another crashing the party soon). Hun's an avid globetrotter, collecting passport stamps and experiences. His love for football transcends the screen as much as his love for karaoke transcends the bathroom. He's a big foodie, delighting in diverse cuisines and the perfect alcohol pairing.

Brands I can’t live without

Netflix because who doesn't like Netflix & Chill?

Uniqlo since I'm a basic b***h

Disney because it makes a man out of you (Hint: Mulan)

My all-time favorite book
Outside of work, I enjoy

Travel, Sports (mainly Football), Food & Alcohol, Karaoke