Saksham Kotiya

Saksham Kotiya


Saksham, since a kid has an affinity towards exploring new things and experiencing new cultures, truly encompassing the essence of 'Jack of all trades'. He believes in 'learning by doing' and if you were to visit him back in time, you'd find him involved in everything ranging from atheletics to contesting college elections, to debating on geopolitical issues. The sheer delight of working with early stage founders and discovering new trends, banking on India's growth potential is what inspires Saksham everyday.

Prior to joining DSGCP, Saksham worked for 4+ years in management consulting with firms like FTI Consulting, The Economist Intelligence Unit, and McKinsey & Company, advising fortune 500 companies on market entry, product launches, public policy, supply chain management, and cost optimisation.

Outside of work, you'll find Saksham partying and having deep conversations with people from all walks of life. He loves house parties and regularly organises them with ofcouse a definite game of poker!

Brands I can’t live without

Google: Don't remember a world before it

Haldiram's: Because taste is everything

Patagonia: Great example that the best sales strategy is 'pull' instead of 'push'

My all-time favorite book

Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda

Outside of work, I enjoy

Trying New Alcohol and Food, Exploring New Places, Playing Poker, and Organising Get-Togethers