DSG Consumer Partners

Committed Partners to Insurgent Consumer Brands since 2012

We have backed 100+ bold founders, building 80+ insurgents brands in India and Southeast Asia.

Who we are

An inclusive and high-quality cosmetics brand for Filipinos by Filipinos

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Redefining ageing and revolutionizing the brand experience for adults over 65

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Rosé All Day

Building Indonesia’s Insurgent Cosmetics and Skincare Brand

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Our philosophy is what sets us apart. We build insurgent consumer brands. We know what it takes and we have done it time and time again. It’s all about building BRICK by BRICK.

Our philosophy

Knowledge is for sharing.

We aspire to be learning machines and we want you to learn with us. That’s why we harness our knowledge of successful consumer brands to give back to the consumer ecosystem.

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A Step-by-Step Balancing Act for Sustainability

We believe that ESG implementation in early-stage businesses requires a measured approach to balance business objectives and sustainability.

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