Feed good to feel good. Forget GenZ – we’re raising Generation Goodness. Maximum goodness, minimum nonsense.

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Forget Gen Z - we’re raising Generation Goodness. They don’t know about Tik Tok dances or Olivia Rodrigo yet, but they get exactly the nutrition they need to grow up strong, happy, and healthy from the inside out. We’re growing a generation that is raised on real nutrition and grounded in goodness by making it as easy as possible to fill your little one with good stuff while doing right by people & the planet. Maximum goodness, minimum nonsense.  

As a business originally founded by a family looking for a hand getting good stuff into their kids, we’re here to take something off your plate (while putting something very healthy onto theirs). Nature gives us the super ingredients we need to make our recipes, and in return, we make sure to keep the planet in good nick while also supporting the people who help us make our recipes along the way. That’s why we’re reducing our impact by investing in 100% recyclable packaging, tackling food waste, supporting our suppliers with responsible sourcing and giving back (so far we've donated over half a million meals to families in need!).