Revolutionising learning for 50 million learners in Bangladesh by merging urban-rural gaps with global recognition.

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Shikho has emerged as a transformative force in the education technology sector in Bangladesh. Within a mere two years, it has captivated over 2.5 million monthly students, with its innovative app-first platform bridging the urban-rural divide across all 64 districts. Shikho's offerings, ranging from live interactive classes to animated video lessons covering the SSC and HSC curriculum, have not only revolutionized digital learning but also garnered international acclaim. With an app witnessing a million+ downloads and an award-winning integrated marketing campaign under its belt, Shikho's commitment to fostering a robust learning environment is unparalleled.

Behind this success is a dynamic team that has grown exponentially to over 350 members, making Shikho the first company in Bangladesh to scale a purpose-built education technology venture. Their expertise spans diverse departments, from Product and Engineering to Strategy and Analytics. This cohesive unit, fueled by a record-breaking $6.5 million USD in international funding, has cemented Shikho's reputation on a global scale, evident from accolades such as inclusion in the "Forbes Asia 100 to Watch List" in 2022 and with their founder and CEO, Shahir Chowdhury, being selected as one of Bloomberg's Class of 2023 New Economy Catalysts for his efforts in democratising the Bangladeshi education system.