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The Indus Valley

India's No.1 Healthy Cookware Brand making premium quality toxin-free cookware accessible to all Indians.

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A kitchen mishap with a plastic cookware in the oven made the founders - Madhumitha and Jagadeesh realize that for preparing healthy food, utensils matter as much as the ingredients. They started looking for safer cookware alternatives that do not mix chemicals into food while cooking.

To their surprise, the prevalent options in market were mostly unhealthy, and the healthier ones were not easily accessible. It made them wonder why there is no reliable brand for healthy cookware. This led to the birth of The Indus Valley.

Today, Madhumitha and Jagadeesh have turned their personal quest for toxin-free cookware into a category-defining brand. The brand’s differentiated positioning in the highly commoditized cookware category has catapulted it to become India’s No.1 Healthy Cookware brand.

The brand is pursuing its mission to transform 100 million kitchens in India with its range of healthy cookware that have no chemical coatings and are 100% toxin-free. All its products are made of only pure and healthy materials like Cast Iron, Tri-ply Stainless Steel, Wood, Clay, Copper, Brass and Bronze.