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Tasty, effective nutritional gummies that rid people of the fear and complexities of pill solutions.

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Health is the foundation of life, and nutrition is the key to it. Our lifestyles have led us to compromise our nutritional needs and its after effects are showing in our deteriorating health. This situation sets Power Gummies® as a provider in the journey to nutrition, enabling tasty yet effective ways to be healthy, getting rid of the fear and complexities of existing pill solutions. For starters, they decided to create health products backed by scientific evidence that would be made from best-in-class vegetarian ingredients and fix root causes of problems to give complete nutrition. Equally important for them, was to make products that are tasty and fit into our lifestyles. Being the new-age brand in the Indian Nutraceutical Market, exclusively and proudly manufacturing in India, the Gummy-based Dietary Supplements scientifically tested, gluten & cruelty free. All are products are backed by clinical trials, certified by FSSAI and are FDA compliant. The brand also takes pride in launching the nutritional gummies for children aged 4-15 years under the name of Power Gummies Junior. Today, Power Gummies® have spread happiness to over 5,00,000 lives, and sold out 45 million gummies, inspired more than 50,00+ celebrities and every day, our website is enabling 1,50,000+ visitors per month discover simple and tasty ways to good health.